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About Natsumi Chatsumi

Our tea leaves, born and raised in the gods-dwelling mountains of Kumano, are grown using traditional methods. Sun-dried cauldron roasted tea (Kamairicha) from Kumano Hongu, a sacred place of world heritage. Locally called “bancha”, this tea has been a popular Hongu home staple for centuries. Unlike ordinary roasted tea, it is roasted twice and dried in the sun. When you drink it, you will feel a clean, clear gentleness and a fragrant aroma. When you need to resource yourself, a cup of this tea carrying the blessings of the holy land of Kumano will fill your heart with bliss.

Natsumi Chatsumi's mission: 概要

Natsumi Chatsumi のこだわり


Born in Kumano, a World Heritage Site

Natsumi Chatsumi's tea is grown in Kumano Hongu, a sacred place located in the southern part of the Kii Peninsula, where the gods are said to reside. There, are the majestic mountains where the Kumano faith, born from the worship of nature, lives on. Our tea plantation spreads out on one of their peaks.

A mountaintop tea plantation, closest to the sky

Our tea leaves grow at the top of an open mountain with no obstructions. There, the sun shines brightly, and the clean and pure air spreads as far as the eye can see. The difference of temperature between day and night is high, and the climate, unique to the mountains, enhances the quality of tea leaves.

Natsumi Chatsumi's mission: サービス
Natsumi Chatsumi's mission: 画像






Natsumi Chatsumi's mission: 概要
Natsumi Chatsumi's mission: 画像
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